UIImage Scaling Extension

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The iPhone app I'm working on in my spare time lets the user capture photos as part of its functionality. After I receive the image, I need to resize it so that it's a thumbnail size.

To make this easier, I've written a UIImage Swift extension that provides you two functions: scaleToMaxSize() scales an image to the maximum size specified, scaleToSize() scales the image to exactly the specified size. scaleToMaxSize() works in conjunction with scaleToSize().

    //    //  UIImage+CKScaling.swift    //  BlackBook    //    //  Created by Corey Klass on 2/28/16.    //  Copyright © 2016 Corey Klass. All rights reserved.    //    import Foundation    import UIKit    extension UIImage {        func scaleToMaxSize(maxSize: CGSize) -> UIImage {            // get the scale values for the width and height            let xScale = maxSize.width / self.size.width            let yScale = maxSize.height / self.size.height            // we'll need one of these scales, whichever fits            let xScaleSize = CGSizeMake(self.size.width * xScale, self.size.height * xScale)            let yScaleSize = CGSizeMake(self.size.width * yScale, self.size.height * yScale)            var newSize: CGSize            // if the x scale is too large, use the y scale            if ((xScaleSize.width > maxSize.width) || (xScaleSize.height > maxSize.height)) {                newSize = yScaleSize            }            // otherwise use the x scale            else {                newSize = xScaleSize            }            // resize and return the image            let image = self.scaleToSize(newSize)            return image        }        func scaleToSize(size: CGSize) -> UIImage {            // Create a bitmap graphics context            // This will also set it as the current context            UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(size)            // Draw the scaled image in the current context            self.drawInRect(CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, size.width, size.height))            // Create a new image from current context            let scaledImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()            // Pop the current context from the stack            UIGraphicsEndImageContext()            // Return our new scaled image            return scaledImage        }    }